Friday, September 4, 2009

What to spend your money on

Please click on the pictures for more detail. They are multi-media- water colour with 'wool hair' glitter, silk flowers- a true colour photo (wedding girl in frame)feathers, sequins-- truly very deliteful in real life!
There is a lively debate going on- on another blog About what to spend your money on. Should it be expensive soft goods (sofas) hardcase items ( wood items such as tables, chests -I believe in good hardcase goods)..... What and where should we spend our money?

Now I am big believer in spending your money on 'stuff' that will get handed down and survive the years, copper pots, art, silverware, casegoods..... and my one luxury is excellent drapery... and okay great sheets.

I love my art-- for a few reasons- most of the art I have has sentimental reason behind it.

The pieces I had commissioned from Jennifer Garant were to celebrate the friendship I had with my best friend, soul mate, twin sister- who died a few years back.

I took care of her while she died, in my house from cancer and miss her everyday. So, the artwork I had commissioned truly means a lot to me.

The piece above is called the 'Toe Nail Party' as we used to sip wine, martinis and do our feet together and chat. She was the Shania Twain girl -sexy and glam- me the girlie girl. We were the same but different.
(Link for waiters and waitresses, scroll down and you will find the dog series! Posters, so we can all enjoy some lightness in our lives!)
So, spend your money where your heart is- is your heart is with art- great! If it is with terrific sound- then go for the electronics- or if you are a movie buff- great TV's (I still have the big old fashioned huge TV's in my basement- not that big on TV I guess).

Spend your money where your heart tells you it should be!

and here another great take- from a designer!

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